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We help foreign students gain admission into top universities.


Ivy League Instruction

Save time and money in the long run by learning with the most experienced, highest ranked instructors in the country.


More Class Time

The Best Test Prep offers more class time than the industry standard to ensure complete coverage of all material that is fair game on the test.


Tailored Approach

Our skilled instructors are adept at determining students’ strengths and weaknesses and customizing study plans that fit their needs.


Key Resources

Carefully selected materials include a session book, practice tests, online customized practice quizzes, and supplementary lessons.


  • Stands for the Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Administered by the Educational Testing Service
  • Most American universities require of foreign students a certain TOEFL score to gain admission
  • Computer-based


  • Stands for the International English Language Testing System
  • A useful British examination for all international students
  • There are two levels of the test: General and Academic
  • The General portion is for non-academic training
  • The Academic module is for admission into an English-speaking university
  • Paper-based
  • Legible handwriting is necessary

The energy that our instructors generate when teaching is incredible.  Students take that energy with them after each session, staying focused and motivated.

Our instructors never leave a session until every question is answered.  They’re also known for helping students outside of class, and answering questions at all hours of the day and night.


1-on-1: The Ultimate Method of Test Preparation

  • Each and every session is customized for you
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • The pace at which you learn
  • An immersive learning experience

This method is particularly helpful to students who do not have much time to prepare or who need extra help.

Call for Pricing


Every person is in the same boat, with the classroom providing a safe environment in which you:

  • Have an instructor who is experienced with multilingual classes and knows the pitfalls in language learning
  • Take up-to-date practice tests
  • Receive individual coaching within the class structure for specific pronunciation/articulation problems, since clear speech improves scores
  • Receive individual review of grammar, spelling, and syntax problems for written essays
  • Receive templates for essay organization

$1999 (25-hour class)

(includes all materials)


If you’re looking to prepare along with your friends, private groups allow you to:

  • Be in groups of two or more of your friends
  • Actively learn the material
  • Enjoy a personalized setting



Where does instruction take place?
We have locations near Times Square as well as on Park Ave. South, and also provide on-site instruction at high schools and colleges throughout the NYC metro area.

When can I get started?
Classes begin approximately every 5 weeks, and private instruction can be started anytime.


Done. Highest marks for everything. You do an awesome job.

Kyle P.

Thanks, Eric. I've enjoyed the classes so far and am learning to view the material more carefully and approach it strategically. I like that you move through the material so quickly, keeping my attention focused! Everything seems so much easier in class when we're going through the exercises together.Thanks for giving so much, and allowing us to benefit from your knowledge and expertise in the subject areas.


Hi Eric! I wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your help during the Kaplan course. I greatly appreciate the level of effort and care you put into each lesson. I think it is great that you offer assistance to students even after the course is over, as it shows you truly love what you do.


Thanks so much Eric for everything! You have a wonderful way of presenting both math and verbal problems in a way I can understand. I miss your class already. I sincerely hope that you continue teaching because you definitely have a talent. I'm scheduled to take another course on Tuesday nights downtown, starting next week. I hope another teacher doesn't confuse me in the concepts I've learned with you.