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Where does instruction take place?
We have locations near Times Square as well as on Park Ave. South, and also provide on-site instruction at high schools and colleges throughout the NYC metro area.

When can I get started?
Classes begin approximately every 5 weeks, and private instruction can be started anytime.

What time slots are available?
Classes are usually held on weekday evenings. For private instruction, mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends are available.

How many hours of instruction will I need?
Our classes include 25 hours of instruction, more than any of our competitors offer. They rely on online workshops to cover the test material, but we feel it’s easier for students to learn everything from a live instructor. For private instruction, the number of hours depends on several factors, such as your current aptitude, the score that you’re trying to get, and whether you need assistance with only one section of the test or all of them.

Can I request a specific instructor?
All of our instructors are the best in the industry, but we make every effort to accommodate specific requests.

Should I choose a class or private instruction?
For most students, the ideal way to prepare is to first take a class. Students then have the option of following it with private instruction to work on specific areas in which they need more assistance. If a student is advanced, already took a class, or is in a time crunch, private instruction is recommended from the start.

What will be covered?
All of the material and test-taking mechanics that are necessary to ace the SAT/ACT are covered in class. Private instruction has tremendous flexibility; emphasis can be placed on specific areas, the entire test, or anything in between.

What course materials are used?
We select our text-based and online materials from leading sources for the best possible instruction.

Done. Highest marks for everything. You do an awesome job.

Kyle P.

Thanks, Eric. I've enjoyed the classes so far and am learning to view the material more carefully and approach it strategically. I like that you move through the material so quickly, keeping my attention focused! Everything seems so much easier in class when we're going through the exercises together.Thanks for giving so much, and allowing us to benefit from your knowledge and expertise in the subject areas.


Hi Eric! I wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your help during the Kaplan course. I greatly appreciate the level of effort and care you put into each lesson. I think it is great that you offer assistance to students even after the course is over, as it shows you truly love what you do.


Thanks so much Eric for everything! You have a wonderful way of presenting both math and verbal problems in a way I can understand. I miss your class already. I sincerely hope that you continue teaching because you definitely have a talent. I'm scheduled to take another course on Tuesday nights downtown, starting next week. I hope another teacher doesn't confuse me in the concepts I've learned with you.