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Why we're the best


The feedback below was compiled during Instructor Gutman’s final year at the nation’s largest test prep company.

Percentages are based on midyear classes totaling 57 students.


If you’ve been stressed about the standardized test that you need to take, or are just looking for best test preparation money can buy, you found what you’re looking for.

The Best Test Prep is the  only company in existence that exclusively employs instructors who have already taught for other companies and emerged as the most popular among students. Every test prep company runs on numbers, and student surveys make clear  who the best teachers are. In order to be hired by us, an instructor must provide proof of prior excellence and student satisfaction—we have no room for rookies—which benefits you in the long run, because the difference between an instructor who has an excellent rating from 90% of students versus one from 80% is like night and day. As you might have guessed, we accept only the former.

I invite you to look through the site and read the thank you letters we have received from actual students. Make no mistake about it, we are a high-end firm, and provide our classes with personalized guidance and study plans that are nonexistent at bulky, run-of-the-mill test prep companies. As a result of our extensive experience with students, we have tweaked problem solving methods and made them better, so you can laugh your way to a terrific score.

Don’t waste time and money by playing around with average companies. Save in the long run by teaming with us from the beginning. Learn from the best.

Eric Gutman


Done. Highest marks for everything. You do an awesome job.

Kyle P.

Thanks, Eric. I've enjoyed the classes so far and am learning to view the material more carefully and approach it strategically. I like that you move through the material so quickly, keeping my attention focused! Everything seems so much easier in class when we're going through the exercises together.Thanks for giving so much, and allowing us to benefit from your knowledge and expertise in the subject areas.


Hi Eric! I wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your help during the course. I greatly appreciate the level of effort and care you put into each lesson. I think it is great that you offer assistance to students even after the course is over, as it shows you truly love what you do.


Just finished my exam. 161 math 148 verbal, writing went really well. Overall, I'm very satisfied with all the hard work I put in. Thanks for all your help. Truly appreciate it.


Thanks so much Eric for everything! You have a wonderful way of presenting both math and verbal problems in a way I can understand. I miss your class already. I sincerely hope that you continue teaching because you definitely have a talent. I'm scheduled to take another course on Tuesday nights downtown, starting next week. I hope another teacher doesn't confuse me in the concepts I've learned with you.