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  • Stands for the Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • Administered by the Educational Testing Service
  • Most American universities require of foreign students a certain TOEFL score to gain admission
  • Computer-based
TOEFL Test Section# of QuestionsTiming
Listening34-5040-60 minutes
Reading3-520 minutes per section
Writing250 minutes
Speaking620 minutes
Total exam time4 hours (includes a 10 minute break)


  • Stands for the International English Language Testing System
  • A useful British examination for all international students
  • There are two levels of the test:¬†General and Academic
  • The General portion is for non-academic training
  • The Academic module is for admission into an¬†English-speaking university
  • Paper-based
  • Legible handwriting is necessary
IELTS Test Section# of QuestionsTiming
Listening4 sections 10-15 minutes per section
Reading3 sections 20 minutes per section
Writing2 sections 20 minutes for task 1, 40 minutes for task 2
Speaking3 parts11-14 minutes
Total exam time2 hours, 40 minutes