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Why an MBA?


According to US News and World Report, this was the average starting salary of all 2015 MBA graduates, with Harvard grads topping the list at $149,784. The hefty paycheck only scratches the surface of what an MBA offers–it’s an investment in yourself that opens the door to professional experiences and opportunities that are second to none.

MBAs Stand Out

In 2013, Fortune Magazine described the concept of “spikiness,” a buzzword at Stanford that described MBAs who stood out by specializing in three or four unique skills instead of the traditional generalist role. Whatever you want to call it, in an overly-crowded marketplace, MBAs develop a unique set of skills that are highly sought after and valued in the business world.


An MBA program will connect you with people who are likely to be successful. These people and those in their circles of influence will be invaluable contacts in the future.

According to a Financial Times business school ranking survey, networking is the third most popular reason for applying to MBA programs (after financial gain and education). In the same survey, 95% of those who ranked networking as a priority said they had been successful in their networking goals.


In business school, you’ll be exposed to great minds that have solved great business problems. They’re embodied in the faculty, speakers and leaders you’ll meet every day. You’ll have opportunities to learn from industry professionals and experts, get firsthand experience and test the waters through internships, and develop personal support systems through mentors and sponsors who are eager to share their knowledge and experience.

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