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By: Neil Bernstein, Jan 20, 2017.

Both the SAT and the ACT have significantly increased the level of difficulty of their respective math sections. Also, since the recent changes in the SAT, most of the substantial content differences between the tests, especially those in math, have been eliminated.

However, the ACT has recently further upped the ante in math. It now includes more tricky questions, more geometric reasoning questions and an occasional statistics, matrix or sequence question at or above the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) level.

SAT math includes precalculus

The content changes in SAT math have been quite substantial. The old SAT (circa 2015) tested questions only through algebra I. Math on the new SAT now includes questions through precalculus. Thus, in terms of math content, the SAT is now quite close to parity with the old ACT (circa 2010) and not far behind the current ACT.

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