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Summer Test Prep Strategies

In our article, “Why Study For The GRE This Summer,” we discussed why summer is the ideal time for test prep. Now we’ll show you how to make the most of it and sufficiently prepare yourself for an upcoming standardized test.

Have a Study Plan to Prevent Procrastinating

We’ve all been guilty of avoiding a project or homework assignment, but students who procrastinate preparing for a standardized test often find themselves in a time crunch later on as test day and admissions deadlines approach. Creating a long-term study plan now can help ensure that you have sufficient time to prepare.

Understand Your Test

Every standardized test has its own style and layout, so learning the question types and overall format of a test can give you a comfortable feeling of familiarity when you sit down to take it. If more than one test is accepted by the type of school you’re applying to, e.g., the SAT or ACT for college, the GRE or GMAT for business school, etc., determining which test is a better fit for you can increase your chances of success. If you feel you need assistance in this area, feel free to call The Best Test Prep’s professional instructors at (800) 311-PREP.

Enjoy Your Summer

Spending every second of the summer studying can actually be counterproductive. Studies show that having fun can help with the learning process due to the release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which assists with the retention of new information. A healthy balance of test preparation and relaxation is recommended in order to maximize your performance.

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