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For how long is the GMAT valid in top schools?

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The GMAT is valid for 5 years. Read below for the specific details from top schools. You may be wondering whether you should take the GMAT now or later. If you just finished college or you have some free time right at the moment and think you may want to do an MBA in the future then it’s probably a good idea to take the GMAT sooner rather than later.

Another Elite Law School Eyes Accepting The GRE

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The dominos keep falling as more law schools consider the GRE.

Perhaps there’s still something of an “as goes Harvard, so goes the nation’s law schools” complex out there. After Harvard shocked the legal academy and announced that it would accept GRE scores as an alternative to the LSAT for future law school applications, it was only a matter of time before other elite schools jumped on the bandwagon. At the time, Jeff Thomas of Kaplan Test Prep suggested a “domino effect” after Harvard’s announcement, which was a much more polite phrasing than when I said that Harvard “broke the seal.”