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February 2017

College Board tightens SAT exam security, but key risk remains

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February 22, 2017
By Steve Stecklow and Renee Dudley
The owner of the SAT college-entrance exam, which has been plagued by a raft of cheating incidents overseas, outlined new security measures but stopped short of remedying the test’s biggest vulnerability.

The New York-based College Board said the steps include reducing the number of times the test is given outside the United States and increasing the auditing of test centers. But the not-for-profit organization did not say it would end its practice of reusing test forms overseas that were initially given in the United States – the source of many of its security lapses in recent years.

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Daily Test Prep Question

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Today’s daily Test Prep Question is for the GRE and GMAT. Feel free to tweet us @thebesttestprep to learn the path we took to achieve that answer. The choices are:
A) 150 degrees
B) 200 degrees
C) 250 degrees
D) 300 degrees

Correct Answer: D) 300 degrees